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Every data point has a hearbeat.
Look beyond the numbers. Value your people, and the performance, and profits, will follow.

Experience is more than the jobs you've held. Education is more than what takes place in a classroom. I've been fortunate. I continually seek ways to broaden my experience, expand my perspective, and find educational opportunities in a wide variety of ways. 

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About Me

Head of Employee Experience leading engagement strategy, communications, change management, culture, attendance, leave benefit, incentive design, and community investment initiatives. Proven track record in virtual deployment, hybrid, and remote working, return to the office, and all phases of the business lifecycle (site development, opening, acquisition, closure & divestiture, workforce virtualization).

Leveraging strong interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills, I develop cross-functional, interdepartmental relationships to create scalable results-driven initiatives that foster successful operational outcomes.

Skills and Expertise

  • PROSCI Change Management Practitioner

  • Birkman Certified Professional

  • Collaborative strategic partner, experience consulting and collaborating with global teams, executives, and COE heads

  • Success in developing and launching employee platforms and tools

  • Strong written, and verbal communication skills, including c-level presentations, and organizational skills

  • Successful culture and organizational transformation

  • Human resources process and policy design and implementation

  • Talent acquisition, hiring, and career development pathways

  • Professional and creative writing, including playbook authorship

  • Learning and development including curricula design and training facilitation

  • Event planning & management

  • Change management

  • Business Continuity

  • Design thinking

  • Microsoft Office

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Workday

  • Kronos

  • SAP

Key Accomplishments

  • Program manager for converting 7 brick-and-mortar contact centers (~1,000 FTE) to a 100% virtual environment (beginning in 2016) including change management strategy, technology platform deployment, engagement platform selection, and implementation, process and policy design and implementation, and learning and development program development

  • COVID-19 Business continuity process; project owner for transitioning ~5,000 employees within 5 weeks, and ~10,000 employees within 8 weeks from office and field positions to work safely in a 100% virtual environment, negating the need to furlough or layoff any team members

  • Developed processes to mitigate impacts to employees of the December 2021 Kronos ransomware attack within our organization; designed processes that resulted in 40% fewer employees experiencing pay impacts than peer organizations within the company




2022 The HR Roundtable | Roundtable Host: Connecting with our "Unplugged" Employees - Increasing Engagement within the Non-Office Based Workforce


2020 PowerHERful Return | Panelist on working successfully from home, creating work/life balance in a virtual environment, and discussing remote versus office-optimal opportunities at work


2017 Customer Contact Strategies | Speaker, Work from Home Best Practice Exchange event

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Virtual | Nashville, TN, USA 37214

Authorized for work in the United States and the United Kingdom

Ready for relocation, office-based, hybrid, and virtual work | Experience and success with up to 90% travel | COVID-19 proof of vaccination available

US: +1 (629) 401-0001 | UK: +44 7915 621956


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