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Working With Jen


Meetings and Discussions

My preferred method of meeting is via video chat. Using video conferencing for meetings and conversations is a great way to meet the demands of your busy schedule while staying engaged and connected during our discussion. You can meet with me in your free time, casually dressed, and from the comfort of your home. Our discussion is about who you are and where you are going, not whether your kids left toys out in your living room, or whether you've shaved or done your hair. 

Depending on your location and my travel schedule, I may also be able to arrange to meet you in person at a shared workspace, public space with WiFi, or at your office. Client incurs costs associated with travel and acquiring space. 

For Birkman Group activities, I am available to travel to your office, school, place of worship, or other business or group location anywhere in the world. Travel availability is based on my travel schedule. Client incurs all travel costs. 

Time Frames

Single and Pair Birkman Consultations are dependent on the time frame in which you complete your assessment based on the link I provide. From the time your assessment is complete, I will schedule a meeting time to debrief on your report, and provide guidance based on outcomes. I will schedule this as soon as possible within ten business days. 

Writing projects timeframes are determined during our initial discussion about your project. I typically complete projects up to 10k words in 14 days, 20k words in 21 days, and novel-length works of 40-60k in 90 days. During that time, I will provide you with periodic updates and samples. 

Other project timeframes will be set during our initial discussion of your needs. 

Payment and Assurance

I accept both PayPal and Venmo. If you require another payment method, please include this in our initial project discussion. 

A deposit of fifty-percent is required for Birkman and Career Counseling services. Writing projects require a twenty-five percent deposit. Additional payment on writing projects is expected upon delivery of milestones. 

I am a professional and strive to provide high quality work. I am happy to alter my writing approach based on your feedback after you have reviewed the initial project sample. I will also provide error and quality edits before delivering the final product. If you are not getting the quality of work you expect for any reason, please let me know so we can discuss a resolution. 

Nashville, TN, USA

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