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Uncover Your True Potential with Birkman Coaching

Birkman coaching transcends the surface-level assessments, delving into the very core of who you are. It goes beyond merely understanding your style; it explores your unique needs from others and the environment. It reveals how you present yourself when those needs are fulfilled and, just as crucially, when they go unmet.

As a seasoned Birkman Certified Consultant, I have had the privilege of guiding countless individuals and groups through transformative sessions. These encounters yield profound insights that empower individuals to shape their career paths, cultivate deeper connections with colleagues, and even navigate personal relationships with newfound clarity.

When teams embrace the power of the Birkman Method, they unlock a profound understanding of themselves and each other. Collaboration flourishes, and the bonds among team members grow stronger. Leaders gain invaluable tools to foster high-performing teams, propelling their organizations toward success. And above all, participants acquire a shared language—a language that ignites meaningful engagement and authentic interactions.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery? Let's harness the transformative power of Birkman coaching together and unveil the limitless possibilities that await you.

Personalized Birkman Consultation Experience

Job Interview

Invest in yourself with a customized, one-on-one Birkman experience tailored to your needs and goals.

You'll start with a few questions, receive a Birkman Method questionnaire, and receive a debrief session with Jen via Zoom or Teams.

Your Birkman Signature Report session typically lasts 60-90 minutes, with optional follow-up sessions available. 

Your Personalized Birkman Consultation Experience

  • You'll start by answering a few questions about your goals, and what you hope to gain from the experience

  • You'll receive a Birkman Method questionnaire to complete

  • After you complete the questionnaire, I'll go through your Birkman Signature Report, and prepare for your debrief session, noting the specific areas of focus you want to cover

  • We will schedule a time and date to walk you through the Birkman concepts as they appear on your custom Birkman Signature Report

    • Your Birkman Signature Report debrief session will occur via Zoom or Teams, and typically lasts 60-90 minutes​

  • After your initial session, we can schedule a follow-up session of up to 45 minutes to discuss any additional discoveries or questions regarding your profile​

    • People often find taking a week or two after the first session to digest the concepts and observe how the content resonates with real-world experiences allows a second, follow-up session to have even more impact​

    • Additional follow-up sessions can be booked on a per-hour basis at the client's request (hourly coaching fees apply)

A presentation at the office

The Birkman Teambuilding Experience

Enhance team dynamics and achieve operational success with a custom Birkman Teambuilding Experience. Answer a few questions about your organization's focus and goals, and have your team members complete a Birkman Method questionnaire. Jen will prepare a custom presentation for your team and schedule a four-hour team activity. Your team will learn about Birkman concepts, team dynamics, and how to collaborate and communicate. The Birkman Teambuilding Experience is priced per person, plus a facilitation fee and travel costs.

Benefits of the Birkman Teambuilding Experience

  • Invest in team members' personal and professional development with actionable insights they can begin using right away

  • Develop team bonds

  • Deepen understanding between individuals

  • Create a common language that people can use to engage in non-confrontational ways during times of change or stress

  • Become a stronger leader by leveraging the insights gained in the team activity

How the Birkman Teambuilding Experience Works

  • You'll start by answering a few questions about your organization's focus, your team makeup, and your goals for the session

  • Your team members will receive a Birkman Method questionnaire to complete

  • After you complete the questionnaire, I'll prepare a custom presentation for your team, focusing on the specific concepts you identified as opportunities for growth

  • A first-time team activity including the team dynamics presentation is typically scheduled for a four-hour block

    • During the team dynamics presentation, your team will learn​

      • The Birkman concepts and how they fit in the team dynamics​

      • How their needs and work styles impact their work and each other

      • How to collaborate and communicate using the Birkman concepts

    • Team members will walk through a fun activity, leveraging the concepts they've learned to gain additional, hands-on insights
      Each team member will receive their Birkman Signature report to keep​

  • After your initial session, we can schedule a team follow-up session via Teams or Zoom for up to 60 minutes to discuss any questions and walk through the impacts the team is seeing as a result of the Birkman activity​

  • One additional de-brief session via phone, Teams or Zoom is available for the lead executive or event leader to discuss any questions or insights based on the team dynamics and subsequent observations​
    • Additional follow-up sessions can be booked on a per-hour basis at the client's request (hourly coaching fees apply)

The Birkman Teambuilding Experience, an investment in your team and your operational success, is priced on a per-person basis, plus a facilitation fee and travel costs. 

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